Tobi Sobowale

Tobi Sobowale

Beauty and Fashion PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
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Tobi Sobowale

Tobi Sobowale

Beauty and Fashion PhotographerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Tobi Sobowale also known as SHOBO is a British-Nigerian Multidisciplinary Artist and Photographer from South London. Specialising in Beauty and Fashion photography, she has been shooting professionally since 2020. She has a Bachelors and Masters degree in Architecture. Her work primarily looks at capturing the overlooked quieter expressions of people, primarily black women. She explores the complexity and dynamism of the black woman who is often presented as strong. Through visual storytelling, Tobi uses colour, composition, and lighting to evoke emotion and thought for those who experience the work she creates. Due to her own battles with insecurities and self-confidence, she aims to empower and impact the people she photographs as well as the people who view her work.
  • British-Nigerian
    British-Nigerian‘British-Nigerian’ is a modern interpretation of Yoruba fashion from the perspective of Nigerians in the diaspora. An ode to the past, the story pays respect to the personality and flair of Nigerians after their independence from British colonial rule through fashion portraiture.
  • SKIN
    SKINSKIN is a project that explores the dynamism and complexities of the bodily form.
  • ENDS.
    ENDS.ENDS (can be translated to home or familiar area) is a concept inspired by my identity as a black woman who grew up and still lives on a council estate in South-East London. As I’ve grown up within the confinement of this space, what once felt like a massive playground, has now become a space that I have outgrown. This desire to grow and expand is translated through colours, geometry, composition, and contrast. Council estates generally have negative connotations and through this work, I wante
  • Picture Day 2022
    Picture Day 2022Charity Fundraiser organised by Tobi Sobowale for Light of Faith and Joy Outreach International. Portraits were taken of young professionals and creatives, including musicians from School Ground Sounds. A collaborative process, the talent were able to choose their own colour backdrops. All profit was donated to the LFJ Outreach.
  • "Don't Touch My Hair"
    "Don't Touch My Hair"The “Don’t Touch My Hair” Series is a body of work that looks at both the beauty and objectification of black women and their hair by displaying beautiful, intricate hairstyles. Taking inspiration from West Africa and recreating them from a modern perspective. It uses colour and decoration inspired by my Yoruba culture, whilst framing the women in the photographs both as objects and people. Their faces range from vacant emotions to ones which are expressive. Referencing when black women can expr
  • Movement of the People x UzoArt
    Movement of the People x UzoArtFashion Campaign for Uzo Art's Movement of the People Fall Collection.
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Projects credited in
    EFFLORESCENCEThe state or action of flowering, or a period of time when this happens. "Efflorescence" explores the Black Woman as a soft, delicate, and vulnerable being. Often in mainstream media, Black women are presented as strong, sassy and independent while the softer side is not always shown. This concept challenges that. Tobi Sobowale approached this concept from an artistic perspective playing with the idea of women being flowers themselves and using props to affirm the idea of delicacy. Each pho
Work history
    PhotographerSHOBO London
    London, United KingdomFreelance
  • Fashion Photography
  • Beauty Photography
  • Studio Photography
  • Creative Art Direction
  • Retouching
  • Writing
  • Creative Producing
  • Studio Lighting
  • Capture One Pro
  • Adobe Photoshop
    MArch (Master of Architecture) ARB/RIBA Part IIUniversity of Manchester
     - Manchester, United Kingdom
    Bachelor of Arts (BA) (Hons) ArchitectureNorthumbria University
     - Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
    Luupe AwardsThe Luupe
    Winner of the 'Makes You Smile' Category. Photo awarded was of Kani Musa from the 'SKIN' series