• Tobi Sobowale
  • Lauren Hope O'Sullivan
  • Lara Nasamu

ENDS (can be translated to home or familiar area) is a concept inspired by my identity as a black woman who grew up and still lives on a council estate in South-East London. As I’ve grown up within the confinement of this space, what once felt like a massive playground, has now become a space that I have outgrown. This desire to grow and expand is translated through colours, geometry, composition, and contrast. Council estates generally have negative connotations and through this work, I wanted to show my estate through another perspective whilst displaying the variation and complexities within the space as well as the woman herself. Using areas that form part of my daily routine – the bus stop, the stairs, the playground – the woman you see in this body of work is no stranger to the space but also stands out. Through fashion, this woman takes on many identities; all are true, and all can exist simultaneously.