Tom Cutmore

Tom Cutmore

Photographer, Musician, Creative Practitioner & WriterNorwich, United Kingdom
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Tom Cutmore

Tom Cutmore

Photographer, Musician, Creative Practitioner & WriterNorwich, United Kingdom
About me
Solo musical artist who is looking to collaborate. Also branch into photography with an open mind to work with anyone on any project! Have a passion for film, specifically working in the areas of design, production and editing. Am fully flexible and digitally experienced!
  • 'An Open Letter' Release.
    'An Open Letter' Release.'An Open Letter' internet release.
  • Release Video for 'Callouses'
    Release Video for 'Callouses'Here is the release video for my single 'Callouses'. To view more of my work check on my website:
  • 'Illenium' Single Release.
    'Illenium' Single Release.Here is the release for the single 'Ilenium'. All album artwork and music is created by Tom Cutmore, and all copyrights are under Bleached Tea Records.
  • 'Frenetic' - Things are Changing...
    'Frenetic' - Things are Changing...The upcoming album, releasing on the 30th January; 'Frenetic' offers a wide range of different musical themes and genres, providing a multi-immersive listening experience. The main design for 'Frenetic' inspired the trademark self-portrait drawing for my artist's profile. To add to this however, the line over the eyes was to skew the identity; giving it a slightly obscure look for upcoming projects.
  • New Beginnings - The Singles  Leading Up To A New Album
    New Beginnings - The Singles Leading Up To A New AlbumNew Year and new work is on its way! The first project that is making its way in January is the album 'Frenetic'; however before this, I have decided to release some of the album early for pre-release marketing and hype building. These tracks are; 'Illenium', 'Callouses', 'An Open Letter'. These exiting new tracks began a completely new form of album artwork, that with experimenting with composition and using brushes and a digital drawing pad, I was able to bring around a new and clean aesthetic
  • Website graphic design -
    Website graphic design - Musicscape.studioFor the design of my website, I chose to use my face as the main graphic to "introduce" a portrait of myself as a creator in a different style. With the lack of realistic details, but the simple line forming the main elements of my face, I am then able to apply myself as a trademark to my work. With the images listed below, the main motto I have chosen is that "simplicity is key". I have chosen the design of a light beige to bring around a slight off white element to allow the area to stand ou
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Work history
    Norwich and Norfolk FestivalNorwich and Norfolk Festival
     - Norwich, United KingdomFreelance
    At this 2 day event I was a camera and sound operator at the Norwich and Norfolk Festival that took place around the rural areas of Felbrigg Hall. The art installation in question is called 'Walk With Me' by creatives Strijbos & Van Rijswijk. This permanent fixture at the hall describes itself as an "atmospheric and haunting 'walks cape' through woodland and through time" (quoted off The experience used GPS technology, which then played soundscapes, narrations and the atmospheric elements when the user reaches the co-ordinates. As a tasked camera op, my job was to cover the debut of the event, and also model to show how the experience worked. As well as this, I also hosted and recorded interviews with the creatives themselves.
    Creative PractitionerPaper Plane Productions
     - Norwich, United KingdomFull Time
    I worked alongside a group of other creative practitioners under our self-branded company; 'Paper Plane Productions'. I worked for established clients of the area such as Norwich Sound Vision, Norwich Fashion Week; Norfolk Wildlife Trust and also Norwich Mind. I created a range of productions from films, graphics, photographs, covering live events; and editing and event management, giving me a insight and a (passionate) skill in many fields such as pre-production writing, capturing footage either live or staged, and also post-production. I also enjoy meeting new people to work for them, and developing new contacts and connections!
  • Film Camera
  • Photography Editing
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Writing Music
  • Writing Poetry
  • Ceative Writing
  • Editing Film
  • Experimental Film
  • Experimental Photography
  • TV Production
  • Photography
  • Digital Production
    BA (Hons) Film & Television ProductionUEA - The University of East Anglia
    Norwich, United Kingdom
    I am studying my final year of Film and Television production, which after I will be graduating with a BA Hons. Throughout my time on this course I have engaged with different topics and issues regarding both disciplines, and have responded with my own critical opinion, analysis and theoretical research in areas such as gender and sexuality in the postfeminist society and film and television; mental illness in society.
    Work selected for External Gallery Exhibition at the Fisher Theatre Gallery in BungayCity College Norwich
    Upon finishing my one year intensive media production course in which I worked with a range of clients, such as the likes of; The Norfolk Wildlife Trust with the celebratory documentary 'Cley at 90', and also advertisement work for Norwich Fashion Week which I was the set designer for the promotional video; and also the camera man and live editor for the 2016 show. The final project however was a personal production in which I took entirely upon myself, which I chose to base around a personal tragedy of deafness. This was expressed through photography and consisted of me using a range of different photographic and lighting techniques and set ups to capture objects that originally emitted sound. From this I then manipulated and/or damaged the object in a slight sense that its ability to emit sound was decreased/diminished; indicating this struggle of being seen as "normal", but struggling with the personal difficulties of being partially deaf.