Tom Wakeling

Tom Wakeling

DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
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Tom Wakeling

Tom Wakeling

DirectorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Hi! I'm an award-winning independent director from London that is obsessed with crafting beautiful films that are fundamentally human. Working internationally with clients such as Google, Apple/EE, O2, UNICEF, and Canon.
  • Samsung - S20 FE
    Samsung - S20 FESamsung asked me to create six short and sweet social films celebrating their new phone, the colourful Samsung S20 FE. Here's my director's cut of one of the films, Cloud Orange.
  • EE/Apple - Bus
    EE/Apple - BusOne of three 15 sec online commercials for EE and Apple.
  • EE/Apple - Home
    EE/Apple - HomeOne of three 15 sec online commercials for EE and Apple.
  • Google - My Business
    Google - My BusinessDirector's cut of an anthem film for Google 'My business'.
  • Canon - Pixma
    Canon - PixmaEmily is a purveyor of beautiful looping digital animations. She makes heartfelt pieces that have a wide reach and strong fanbase. The perfect collaborator to illustrate Canon’s new Pixma Printer. We challenged her to take her work into the physical. Together we made something special… a phenakistoscope. Director / Creative - Tom Wakeling
 Producer - Richard Guy
 Director of Photography - Chris Clarke 
Editor - Joan Solsona
 Composer - Chris Hegarty
 Colourist - Joseph Bicknell
 Sound Design -
  • EE/Apple - Go All Out
    EE/Apple - Go All OutOne of two 15 sec online commercials celebrating the Apple Watch.
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Projects credited in
  • Tom Wakeling
    Tom WakelingI had to sit in that window and smoke non stop for 6 hours. Of course, Control knew I hated smoking. It was his sick joke to make it the signal. I had all but lost my sense of smell when my contact finally appeared. He was slumped on a bench in the street below. He was quite motionless... this is generally seen as a bad sign in the spy game. As I was thinking about the other bad signs... the floorboards creaked. I had smoked 40 cigarettes that day, but I savoured that last one.
  • Tom Wakeling
    Tom WakelingMy thief is a terrible rider. At no point along our journey has he not been in the process of falling off. I suspect fear is the problem.⁣ ⁣ I recall him overcoming fear as a boy, clinging tightly to my mane as he climbed onto my back, cawing at his friends below who were too scared to even try. ⁣ ⁣ Dawn breaks, but behind us I can still see the village, and the flames that engulf it. His tears land on my coat as he clings tightly to my mane, and we gallop on through the darkened landscape once
  • Product Launch - Canon SX720HS
    Product Launch - Canon SX720HSCreative Strategist and Producer for the launch of the Canon SX720HS. I ideated, proposed and produced an inspirational stop-motion hero video piece, a product-led cut of the film, lifestyle, ambient, sample and product photography, a hero product webpage, and content for e-commerce, CRM , social and retail.
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Work history
    Freelance DirectorSelf Employed
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    Writing & directing commercials, short films and music videos.
    Product Design BScBrunel University
     - London, United Kingdom