Trepa Studio

Trepa Studio

Communication DesignerPorto, Portugal
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Trepa Studio

Trepa Studio

Communication DesignerPorto, Portugal
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Elevating the design of your business requires a trustful partner. Getting higher results means getting into some climbing action. “Trepa” is the portuguese word for climbing. There’s nothing greater than taking the jump, and we are glad to do it with you. Now, about the people on the other side. We are a group of communication designers with different but similar backgrounds, that decided to take some action during this unique time in history.
  • Find the Meaning
    Find the MeaningA reflection on creative processes exploring the concepts of randomness, making connections and finding meaning. A trasnforming publication that goes from the book format to a human-size poster, in order to create various reading possibilities and make to reader actively interact with the object.
  • Para lá da Vista
    Para lá da VistaPara la da Vista is an event taking place in São João da Madeira, that promotes the idea of looking through the wall, searching further and creating weird contexts where an idea, a concert, 
a performarce, and art could thrive.
    Invertzo.ptSimplicity and elegance define every jewelry piece made at Invertzo and this website was designed with that in mind. A light colour scheme combined with a delicate serif font allow for harmony and balance between all of the site’s elements.
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    Communication DesignerTrepa Studio
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