Valentina D'Annunzio

Valentina D'Annunzio

Documentary Filmmaker & Video EditorLondon, United Kingdom
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Valentina D'Annunzio

Valentina D'Annunzio

Documentary Filmmaker & Video EditorLondon, United Kingdom
About me
I'm Valentina, an independent Documentary Filmmaker and Video Editor with background in Graphic Design. I have a Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication and a big passion for Film, Photography and Art. I specialised in audiovisual, I have basics in Motion Graphics and a huge passion for Film Editing. I like travelling, reason why majority of my projects are Documentaries from the world where I show the different realities I meet. People, stories and emotions are at the core of my work and life. I believe to have a strong sensibility when I edit, my empathy is important for the approach of every work I do. My work includes "An Extraordinary Place" an award winning biopic about a blind man and how he sees the world that surrounds him. I'm currently working on a short documentary about India, and on a series of short documentaries about people of London. My first photography book “Beyond Camden Market” got published in November 2020 and achieved its sales target in less than 48 hours.
  • My presence at MCM London ComicCon 2021
    My presence at MCM London ComicCon 2021In October 2021 I had the honour to be part of MCM ComicCon London to talk as a guest in the panel "Behind the scenes with Indie Filmmakers" with other amazing talented people. Huge thank you to Domingos Coxi who invited, organised and presented the panel. Guests: Michael Clayton Jr., Valentina D'Annunzio, Gabrielle Wood, Sanchez Brown, Darryl Lay & Ros Gilman. I don't own any copyrights on this video.
  • Beyond Camden Market
    Beyond Camden MarketA collection of 118 portraits of a community that has now dissolved, but we called family for a very long time.
  • Portrait of Places
    Portrait of PlacesWhen I travel I always focus on people and different cultures of the world - the smells, the sounds, the food, stories of the people, their behaviours, the different customs, the essence of the place, the feeling I have while I'm there and the emotions I bring home with me after I'm gone. In this series of "video trips" my objective is to recreate the essence of each place sharing the feeling and the memory I kept of it. Next videos to come are portraits of: Turkey, Peru and Spain. I also have
  • Magnum Reel Take Over - The Edje
    Magnum Reel Take Over - The EdjeFreelance: Video Reel commissioned by "The Edje" for Magnum - Take Over. My work was to find free stock images and edit a reel. Client: The Edje London Ltd Mediator: Kate Garcia © 2021
    SATYRICONVideo Teaser created for the theatre's play "Satyricon" by Bruno Maderna. The event took place on the 30th of April 2015 at Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano Switzerland.
  • Mr.Tall: A little story.
    Mr.Tall: A little story.Mr. Tall is a sweet, goofy, clumsy, extremely tall guy. After his long walk under the sunny suburbs, he decides to sit down on the nearest tv antenna to have a rest. As usual, 3 peaceful little birds are relaxing on it, but...
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Work history
    vda production logo
    vda production logo
    Photographer, Video Editor and Documentary Filmmakervda production
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    My work encloses mainly photography and video documentaries. I like travelling, people and the stories they convey - my documentaries are usually stories from the world where I show the different cultures & realities I meet. I believe to be an empathic person and really connected to people, reason why in my documentaries emotions are the key. I'm currently working on a documentary about India and I'll be starting soon a new series of documentaries about portraits of people of London.
  • Graphic Design
  • Storytelling
  • Corporate Branding
  • Photography
  • Video Editing
  • Videography
  • Motion Graphics
  • Typography
  • Documentaries
  • Documentary
    Creative Digital MediaCapital City College Training - Westminster Kingsway College
    London, United Kingdom
    Understanding, Analysing, Editing and Creating Documentaries.
    Escape Studios logo
    Escape Studios logo
    Motion Graphics Certificate of AchievementEscape Studios
     - London, United Kingdom
    Masterclasses in Motion Graphics, using Adobe AfterEffects & Cinema 4D.
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    FINALISTDISFF - Durgapur International Short Film Festival
    FESTIVAL: DISFF - Durgapur International Short Film Festival PRODUCT: I woke up Myanmar - VideoTrip - 5'11'' ROLE: Creator
    WINNERGolden Earth FIlm Award
    FESTIVAL: Golden Earth Film Award PRODUCT: This was Berlin, VideoTrip, 3'34'' ROLE: Creator
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