Wais Akbari

Wais Akbari

Art Director and DesignerBerlin, Germany
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Wais Akbari

Wais Akbari

Art Director and DesignerBerlin, Germany
About me
My work is in the intersection of branding, art direction and digital product design (UX/UI). As a multidisciplinary designer I have created identities, strategies and products for global brands and startups. My expertise spans across a wide range of industries from tech to luxury, fashion, hospitality, lifestyle, art and culture. As a passionate creative I am merging the principles of design, art and innovation to come up with the best possible solution. Close collaboration, research and strategic thinking are the bases of my work process.
  • Red Valentino
    Red ValentinoRed Valentino is the playful younger sister to the mainline collection of Valentino, the iconic Italian fashion house. The ‘Red’ itself stands for ‘Romantic Eccentric Dress’ epitomising the brand’s design ethos. In 2015 Red Valentino redesigned their global website. The brief was to compliment the new e-commerce site by showcasing the Red Valentino world through a daily updated online magazine and interactive lookbook aimed to appeal to young, digitally savvy women. The editorial pages include p
  • Creative Debuts
    Creative DebutsCreative Debuts is a platform celebrating the brightest emerging artists and designers. Its mission is to make art more accessible and to tackle the hurdles faced by undiscovered creatives. The aim of the new identity and website was to showcase the art within a contemporary environment and to provide an immersive user experience. The challenging part was to create a backend, that handles the user generated content, to guarantee quality control. https://www.creativedebuts.co.uk/
  • The Flatiron Building
    The Flatiron BuildingThe Flatiron Building, one of New York City’s oldest and most iconic skyscrapers, is available for leasing, and The Office Group were bidding to move in. TOG was in need of a printed pitch brochure, that communicates the vision and ethos of the company. After sending it out to the owners, they were cordially invited for a meeting in New York. The first reaction was: “I have to say, this is so beautiful. Very well crafted”.
Projects credited in
  • Tintagel House/ TOG Hoarding
    Tintagel House/ TOG Hoarding
  • On Repeat
    On Repeat The concept for On Repeat was born from the ability of visual pattern and physical repetition to induce a state of mind known as ‘open awareness’; a form of attention achieved by the repetition of manual tasks which allow the mind to wander and creative thinking to flourish.  The pavilion’s form physically manifests repetition in its architecture but also through a collaborative installation of hundreds of paper forms, the components of which require manual assembly by visitors over the course
  • TOG Digital
    TOG Digital
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