Wen Chen

Wen Chen

Visual DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
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Wen Chen

Wen Chen

Visual DesignerLondon, United Kingdom
About me
Hi, I am Wen, a visual communicator based in London who believes in design as a practice to communicate and collaborate. I am a recent graduate of BA Graphic and Media Design with First Class Honours degree from London College of Communication, part of University of the Arts London. I continuously explore my passion for digital design, especially generative art and interactive design. I am keen on building narratives in various forms to communicate critical topics, such as digital privacy or East Asian politics. After Erasmus exchange to KADK Copenhagen, I visualise and document the indoor memories during the lockdown in Denmark in an artist’s book. I describe my practices as the following keywords: Generative/ Interaction/ Editorial/ Photography.
  • El Grito Rebranding
    El Grito RebrandingEl Grito is a videography studio based in London, UK, and Lima, Peru. They offer a range of creative services and a broad directory of talent around the world. Since El Grito has several branches in different categories of filmmaking, the challenge is to deliver a coherent brand identity but still express its own characteristic. The concept comes from its Spanish name and plying around the linguistic tone with an exclamation mark ‘!’. The graphic elements are extended from the concept of ‘!’ an
  • Tate Modern Covid Measure Installation
    Tate Modern Covid Measure InstallationCreate Covid measure reminders for all visitors in Tate Modern, especially the hallway area. We find out many visitors do not pay attention to the information board we set at the entrance. The approach is recommended to be interactive and playful instead of feeling of authority and formal copywriting. In terms of the format, any form of multi-media art will be the key to keep the cohesive public image of Tate Modern.
  • Digital Clone
    Digital CloneDigital Clone is an audio-activated installation as an intervention for the speculative scenario in the year 2036. We will be living a life full of the Internet of Things (IoT), Digital Twin infrastructures, and 5G connection, which will become intimately integrated into our daily life via the internet. This project aims to provoke the awareness of digital privacy through our daily devices, which have been always listening to our day-to-day conversation to pick up useful keywords for ads datase
  • The Ambiguity
    The AmbiguityThe Ambiguity Newspaper is an AI-generated newspaper that embraces the objectivity and subjectivity against the topic of the political status of Taiwan. The newspaper consists of 2 machine learning models to generate the ambiguous portraits and irrelevant text story. By integrating P5.js, a web-based medium, the project welcomes users to input their perspectives and receive an absurd and rational composition newspaper. The political status of Taiwan is a complex and ambiguous topic in East Asia
  • Indoor Copenhagen
    Indoor CopenhagenIndoor Copenhagen is an Artists' Book project that explores the tangible memory in visual forms to document the experience in Copenhagen during the pandemic. It is a self-initiated project started during the Erasmus exchange programme at Royal Danish Academy (KADK) in Copenhagen, Denmark, in Spring 2020. I finalised the design and produced it at my home university, London College of Communication (LCC, UAL) in London, UK, in Spring 2021. During the production, I had immense support from the Prin
  • Collision | Junction Issue 01
    Collision | Junction Issue 01It's our self-initialed project that explores different perspectives and experience from abroad students in art and design fields. The first issue we're talking about is education differences between Eastern and Western. I came up with the visual concept with the metaphor of food as how we gain and learn knowledge within two educational systems. Here's more about 'Junction': www.junctionissue.com Thanks to those collaborated: Art Direction | Wen Chen ; Graphic Design | Zach Chen ; Photography
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Work history
    Visual DesignerInstill AI
    London, United KingdomFull Time
    As the only designer in the small but agile team, reiterated branding identity and design system for the AI/ML SaaS product and the prod- uct website by facilitating brainstorming workshops with founding members to co-design. Played an important role in design decisions with rich research and theory support and comprehensive presentations to explain each proposal.
    Central Saint Martins (UAL) logo
    Central Saint Martins (UAL) logo
    Communication DesignerCentral Saint Martins (UAL)
    London, United KingdomPart Time
    Successfully translated the physical REBEL tool kit, a learning reflecting framework developed by CSM’s Academic Programmes, to a digital environment (Web App) to reach global educational institutes through Shared Campus initiated by Zurich University of the Arts. Cohered the visuals and user experience between the physical and digital by adapting cursor’s interactions and GIF animations with the digital mindset. Visualised concepts and discussions agilely during meetings to pin down the action items for the fully part-time team.
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  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Abobe Illustrator
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Sketchup
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Autocad 2D
  • Sketchapp
    Visual CommunicationThe Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation
     - Copenhagen, Denmark
    Spring semester (4 months) with Erasmus exchange programme in visual communication programme at The Royal Danish Academy- Architecture, Design, Conservation.
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    University of The Arts London (UAL) logo
    Graphic DesignUniversity of The Arts London (UAL)
     - London, United Kingdom
    Graduated with a First Class Honours Degree at London College of Communication, UAL
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    Finalist of Best Student BookBritish Book Design & Production Awards
    The book Indoor Copenhagen got finalist for Best Student Book at British Book Design and Production Award 2021. It's a visual memory about my Erasmus exchange in Cooperage during covid19 pandemic, which consist of photography, illustration and long piece of text. The book is hand-made in various printing workshops in LCC, UAL in 2021.