Any advice on creating a CV when you've been a freelancer for many years. Recruiters often like to see job history. Any ideas?


  • @Melissa Sterry Hi Melissa, thank you so much for sharing this info with me. I must say it's something I really appreciate about the-dots that we can all share our experience and insights.

    Great advice about how to add notable clients to my CV and also to get in touch with recruitment agencies, I will try Propel.

    Take care and thank you!
  • Advise as follows:

    1. Create a clients section on your CV - list all the notable ones. Don't put their logos on your CV, but do clarify the companies, as opposed to simply writing brand names.

    2. Ensure to include details of your most notable clients projects, particularly any that extended over months or years. This may be as bullet points, or as text.

    3. Seek some testimonails from past clients and include either in full or abbreviation on your CV.

    4. Given most CVs are today sent as PDFs - include URL links to any live client projects.

    5. Create a link in your CV to your online folio and to select social media accounts where you showcase your work, i.e. Instagram.

    6. As a senior designer you would be wise to register with a recruitment firm specialising in the arena. If you were London-based, I would recommend Propel - - of which the founder is one of the best in the field in EMEA. However, if you're not UK/Europe based, find your regional equivalent, and do that using recommendations from peers.

    7. Having registered with a digital recruitment agency, take their advice on your CV, your folio, and how to further optimise your chances of landing the postion you seek.

    Good luck!
  • @Narcis Sauleda Good advice to address that in the cover letter, thanks! I will also add relevant work and dates so that new companies and agencies can know my work is up to date and also know which brands I have recently worked with. Thank you!
  • @Christian Tunstall That is a great idea, I may even add their logo's to my CV.

    I worked as a freelancer in London for over 10 years and I was always busy then in 2017 I moved to Mozambique to do volunteer work only working with a few agencies I used to work with now I am trying to expand my client base so trying a few new options. I will take your great suggestions on board. Thanks for sharing your valuable insights.
  • @Morphe Digital Design Thank you for that advice. I had never thought of adding what benefits I would bring to the company on my cover letter so I will do that in future. My current CV is only one page but I think 2 pages may be better so that I can have a bit more past work history detail. But I'll definately keep it short and sweet, thank you!
  • I have found the same problem some time ago. I think you can address this problem in the covering letter. Also if you are looking for permenent roles you should tell them why you want that job.

    The other way is visually listing clients and projects you've worked. If there are too many make a selection on relevance of the jobs you are applyin for and also dates, so they can understand that your skills are u to date.

    Hope that helps!

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