Any advice, which is better to create a website as someone who hasn’t ever made one before? Squarespace, wix, wordpress? Any others?


  • Hey Sonya, I agree with all the comments below. I use Squarespace for my own but I work with WordPress. Depending on the scale of your site, Squarespace is really straightforward, easy to use and does come with a bunch of cool looking templates but then WordPress does have a lot more modules that you can play around with and customise and build on a global scale, you could definitely pick it up with a few YouTube tutorials. I think you can't really go wrong with either. Hope this helps! :)
  • It depends on what design you're looking for Sonya. With wordpress you have the most flexibility and you can use Elementor. With wix and squarespace they have nice templates but slightly less freedom to edit.

    I am connected with a deisgn agency which creates a free website demo, so let me know if you'd like to do that :)
  • If you're just starting out with web design, I'd definitely recomend Squarespace! If you'll like to be able to do lots of customisations and add plugins to change any/every aspect of your site, Wordpress(.org) is the way to go.
  • I had a brief experience with Wix and it was excellent for my first website, since it is very user friendly. However, I recently changed my website to Wordpress because I found it to be more customizable (I was never able to change some features on Wix). Wordpress is not so intuitive but you'll get there easily with a couple youtube tutorials ;) Both provide modern template designs and a free image library, but Wordpress has way more pluggins and is associated with Jetpack (a security and stats service that you can also upgrade). If you have a specific question, you can also try to contact them through support chat.

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