Any creatives out there interested in joining up to develop a creative collective with me?

It can get lonely sometimes as a creative, especially a black/POC Creative. It would be nice to have a collective of junior producers, directors, photographers, graphic designers, creatives, strategists, editors, dops etc, who are starting out in the industry and support.

We can build together or just be friends lol.
No pressure to create; maybe work on opportunities together, help each other create amazing content together, and pitch work to brands. The sky is the limit tbh
HIT ME UP we could be a Think Odd Future OR TDE


  • Wow, love it!! Let's do that, helping and supporting each other is such a great idea!!
    Product photographer and stop motion artist here
    Happy to work with you! :))
  • This is great! I am a writer, designer/illustrator, filmmaker, I also do proofreading/content editing, and edit videos (shorts and trailers)
    I have a new website here:
    and a portfolio here:
  • Hey,
    this is a great idea and I'd love to be a part of it. I am a concept designer, I create concepts for premium brand specially in the hospitality industry (Restaurnts, Coffe shop & hotels), in interior design branding and industrial, I am not a beginer, but i think this is a wonderful idea so i'd love to be a part of it
    this is my website:

  • Count me in! I'm Mykadelica - an illustrator/animator/electronic musician and dj - I have started out in the last year, so being a part of a collective very much appeals!
  • Hey, this is a great idea and I'd love to be a part of it.

    I'm a freelance film-maker and writer. I've just signed up to the dots so haven't yet added all of my work yet but my portfolio is at
  • Hey! This is something I've been wanting for myself for ages, sent a request.

    Here's my Instagram:
  • Hi Jimi,
    I am interested in joining art collective~
    my portolio
    feel free to contact me via email-
  • Hey,

    This sounds like a great idea. After all being creative is all about collaborating too!
    Would love to have a chat at anypoint to learn more about what you do! - we've already connected but feel free to message me!
  • Hi Jimi,

    I’m a freelance editor and motion graphics designer.I would be down to join a collective

    Here’s my website -

    Thank you
  • Hey,

    I’m a freelance photographer building up my portfolio, I’d love to join and hear your thoughts as I too have a few.

    My instagram: rlukeyvisuals
    Email: rlukeyvisuals @

    Hope to hear from you soon!
  • Hi Jimi,
    my name is Manisha and I have a background in illustration and producing written and visual social media content for a variety of organisations and brands. I am available to chat to discuss the project and how I can apply my skills to it. Here is the link to my portfolio which showcases examples of my previous work. Let me know when you are free to chat regarding the opportunity.
    Kind regards,

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