Any opinions on ‘cold emails’ for jobs hunting?


Can anyone give some advices/thoughts on this? → Emails destined for creative studios that aren’t necessarily looking to hire at the moment (or don’t have a vacancy/job-ad anywhere), asking if they might be looking for someone, need a hand or if they can provide a possible position/opportunity — now or in the future?

Any advices are greatly appreciated (e.g.: good/bad idea, if appropriate what to include in the email, what should I know before hand, etc.).

Thank you.



  • definitely reccomend! I’ve got all of my jobs or internship through cold emailing. Even when there is nothing open at the moment and they like your work, they often schedule in an interview to get to know you if anything pops up. Get your name out there :)
  • @Katelynne Kirk Hi Katelynne, thank you for your response and for sharing your experience with this, I’ll keep that in mind.

  • I've not had a huge amount of traction with cold emails to agencies but definitely recommend checking whether there is a specific person you should email (sometimes they have this or a list of roles on their website). You could even see if they have done any features about 'meeting the team' on social media. This would show you've done your research. The best response I've had to a cold email was actually to a direct client. I contacted them and asked if they needed help with anything (for example because they were coming up to their 20 year anniversary and had just appointed a new person to a senior position). They came back saying they needed a smaller job done and it started a really good working relationship. Expect nothing back for most but one might come through and actually lead to a job. Best of luck!
  • @Soraia Soares Hi Soraia, thank you for responding.

    I might have misinterpreted the ‘cold’ meaning here — sure, it makes sense to be honest and tailored to the company, thank you for your advice.

  • Hi there! To be honest I don't think the email needs to be "cold". I'm now sending some emails to design agencies looking for an opportunity, and I'm receiving a great response. That because I'm being me and and being honest. I don't send the same email to every company. I chose the agencies that I feel that connects with my style and the ones I feel I can learn, and I send an honest e-mail. I don't think it's a bad thing, because that shows that you have your own will and are looking for a new opportunity/project. But thats just my opinion :)

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