Any tips for ‘showing up’ online and boosting online presence?

I really want to work on my online presence and post more to get my work/myself out there but Instagram just gives me so much anxiety at the moment. I know I should look into reels etc but the thought of starting scares me a little! Does anyone have any tips? Thank you!


  • I'd say consistency.

    Also there are great social media challenges out there so you could pick a monthly social media challenge and do that. It's a great way to start when you are looking for ideas for content.

    IG gives me anxiety too but I try to follow a content plan and not allow myself to be ruled by it. It's a tool so you rule it not the other way round.
  • Hi there, if its just in a general sense, then maybe reviewing something your into like food, stationary or films etc might be a good start ? Or something to do with your art process ? I started posting Filipino food reviews on my YouTube channel last year & they have nothing to do with my art, it was just something I wanted to try for fun & get myself seen. I just used a smartphone, making sure I had plenty of free space on it then edited the clips on Windows Movie Maker. I also designed the thumbnails & slides myself.

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