Any tips on how to get jobs for a graduating graphic design students like me? I've applied for some but so far I've been unsuccesfull.


  • @Mirela Prifti That was very educational and I even learened some new things. Will definitely apply those tips to my future resumes! Thank you and have a nice day!
  • Hey Jeonard! Jelly London (illustration agency and animation production company) are going to be releasinf a 'Graduates Guide' by the end of this month - we'll upload to our page on The Dots so keep your eyes peeled and hopefully there'll be stuff in there that's useful for you. Stay positive :-)
  • @Chelsea Henderson Thank you so much for this! I haven't even heard of half the websites you listed. Persistence will be my best friend!
  • Hey Jeonard :D

    Be persistent! Spend a couple of hours a day looking at different job boards and seeing if theres anything out there worth applying for.
    The Dots, If you could jobs, LinkedIn, Design Jobs Board, Ad Job Wall, We The Makers Job (These are just a few that I find the best).

    Instagram can sometimes be good, certain studios/agencies advertise through there. So always follow the people who are putting out work you really like.

    Make your emails personal to them, don't just copy and paste the same email when applying for jobs - also if you can find out a name of who you're contacting that can only look good! (LinkedIn is great for this).

    Also, if there are places you know you would like to work then maybe reach out to them, send them your portfolio etc even if they aren't looking, sometimes being active that way can help!

    It can take a while to hear back, or even find anything worth applying for but the key is to be persistent. Hope this helps - good luck! :D

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