Anyone have any insight into how to use this platform to connect with creatives who have a specific design aesthetic?

I'm specifically looking for brand identity designers and creative directors who have a very futuristic, yet polished, minimal and artistic design aesthetic. I've already posted a job, but still having a hard time finding the kind of talent I'm looking for (even when searing for People and browsing through portfolios). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


  • Having this kind of dialogue is a start.
    If you are interested to connect do drop a message.
    This is me -

  • Sorry for writing here but I have experience in getting here what I want from it and it works for me. Nevertheless as I hear futuristic and edgy you may like my 3d works
  • Tough one. The job of a decent creative is to work within the confines of the client's own style palette. Stick to one style and you will be stuck with one type of client. Suggest you find people you like and make sure they know what they are doing.

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