Anyone here on Directory of Illustration? What has been your experience with them, have you had new projects or clients through them?


  • @Nick Shepherd that is valuable info, thank you...i was hoping that the online version would at least generate a few projects...
  • @Mikey Ball hi Mikey, thanks for your input. I'm more interested in being on their website as i may be easier to find by art directors...if indeed they are used to looking for talent on the Directory...that remains to be confirmed :)
  • It's how illustrators got themselves found and subsequently work back before the internet. It may help find you work but go to their website and browse through the online version of their book and if you can't see any style that is similar to yours then it MAY be worth a go.
    These days people network, send samples of their work to places or types of places they'd like to work for and they get work that way.
    From what I understand these catalogues still have some relevance but times have changed how we find and get or make work for ourselves.
  • Hey! I have been asked by them multiple times to sign up for it. They keep calling me but I am not sure if I should invest in it. Like Nick said, it doesn't seem that promising and their costs are quite high for me. If you decide to go ahead with them, do let us know how your experience was.
  • Hi Andra. I’m in this year’s book, but I won’t be in the next. It hasn’t been worth it for me. I haven’t had any contacts come through there.

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