Are people still managing to create portraits and stories... whose doing great with this? Be great to see work.


  • @Alexa Boldy Thanks Alexa! Will give her google! Hope staying safe and sound!
    Check James Hole on insta... hes been some great work.
  • @Ehimetalor 'Metty' Unuabona thanks for taking time to comment!

    James Hole @holephoto is one to check out!
  • I've seen a couple photographers do 'virtual shoots', which has been pretty interesting. Think it's been amazing to see how photographers are bending the 'rules' a little bit and exploring this new territory, someone I've followed who's been doing this is Paige Wood, based in Cape Town, SA but shooting people virtually around the world.
  • There's been this recent wave that i've coined as, Facetime Photography. It's certainly an acquired taste in terms of the craft - it really depends on your definition of photography as it's hard to call it photography in the sense of the tool, but as a practice and the requirements needed for a photograph, that being the capturing of light, C19 & 2020 has quite literally forced Photographers to create a new phototography format.

    I would look at as i think he's done the best work out of anyone with this new format, it's very well thoughtout and artistic, and his blog devels deeper into why he needed to go down this route, compared to others where I find it to be rather generic everyday imagery - I find that they're more concerned about the grind than the purpose of the image, which isn't wrong by any means, we gotta make bread, but it comes off as disingenuous..

    As of myself, I've personally been doing a little bit of self portraiture and thankfully every once in a while my brother like to use me as his personal photographer. He's been taking a liberty, this is probably our 7th shoot in the past 3 years, and he is ONLY deciding to pay me now, such a skive!

    Currently edting the images but once they are done, they will be up on my instagram, the dots & my website too!

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