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Hello Hello,
this is a long shot but I just feel like this lockdown is definitely the hardest for all of us and so I was wondering if any of you wanted to have a chat online with me about it all - how’s it going? How are you coping? I feel like I’ve gone through the whole emotional spectrum …. what are your plans for when this is all over and we have to re-adjust again?
I am a filmmaker and Im putting together a little short doc about it - I myself been pretty struggling mentally to keep it together -feels like nothing is working anymore I just miss nature and being active.
After I spoke to a few people about this- it does feel like we all feel the same and so I’d be super curious to find out how you all dealing with it. Also I really miss having deep conversations with strangers
Please drop me a line if you want to chat
Looking forward to it
my work:
all the best!


  • @Alexandra Watson thanks for your comment and yes please do get in touch via the message so we can talk more
    keep strong!
  • Hi Anna,

    I am certainly feeling it the most during this latest lockdown! Definate ups and downs! I would be happy to continue this conversation and think its a great idea to document, thank you for opening this and look forward to ongoing conversations. I will send you a message on IG x
  • Hello Anna,

    Honestly? I feel up and down so easily that I'm at times quite scared of myself. Moments of super happiness and moments when I'm completely down.

    The project you have in mind is very cool as is this post with your question. A true act of kindness and concern for the world :)

    I have sent you a message on IG xx

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