Artists/illustrators/Creatives- what are your value for money recommendations for Pen Display Graphic Tablet / Drawing Pad with Stylus?

Was looking at Wacom DTK-1660 16" Displays which seem to be decent value for money second hand


  • Huion are great and so are XPpen. After a run of bad luck with cheap wacoms, I I have been tempted with a cheap XPPen (not screen) which worked brilliantly. When I wanted to upgrade to a display one, I bought another XPpen, because I couldn't afford a brand new wacom (the One wasn't out yet) and with the issues I had in the past I was reluctant with second hand. I cannot really compare with a wacom display, but my £200 XPpen 13.3 display works great, I tested a similar one from Huion (a bit more expensive) and I prefer the "touch" of the Huion, but I'll keep mine for now 😅.

  • I got a refurbished Wacom Intuos from Wacom direct. I was super pleased. It was the first drawing tablet I bought and I wasn't sure how I would get on with it. I love it! It works great for what I need. Plus, the refurbished item looked completely new, so a bargain too. Never tried one with a display but imagine that would be good as well. I had just bought a new laptop so I didn't go down that route, but my tablet has a Bluetooth connection. This is handy since I use the mouse and tablet together. Left-handed for the tablet and right-handed for the mouse, lol!
  • @Anna Negrini this could be tempting as they have a flash sale on their site for a 16" screen
  • Wacom Intuos Pro 🙌 I picked one up second hand for £100, steal!
  • I've always had a Wacom but I bought a cheapest one (Huion) to bring with me while travelling and it works just fine :)
  • @Marcus Kay Nice mate. Think I’m tempted to get a screen pen display one like the DTK-1660
  • @Mike McCoole I'm really happy with this one from Wacom:

    Good value for the money, though not too stable wireless, so I have it plugged in all the time.

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