As a creative professional, do you have any creative hobbies that you practise in your spare time? How do these influence your profession?

Quite interested in hobbies that are different from your profession and how they can begin to overlap or influence what you do at work.. I am a professional illustrator, but when Im free I love taking photographs.


  • Analogue photography. Helps train your eye, understand light, the medium and an appreciation for the masters, the art as a whole and its history.
  • I dance. I find it opens up my mind to new people, culture and types of music I wouldn't normally connect with otherwise. Plus being so into something without anytime to think about anything else is brilliant for letting my subconscious wander. Nothing else takes my mind off work and life quite like it!
  • I have always painted in my spare time. I recently got back into using oils, which I hadn't used since art college 20 years ago! Is funny how much I have learnt through my years retouching in Photoshop, that now translates back when I oil paint. Sort of like I learnt these skills in a back to front order :-)
  • Playing video games influences the author's work... It may be considered a form of study. So studying might be a creative hobby that influences the author's work.
  • Ive been known to whittle the odd spoon, haven't had a chance to do it for a while though!

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