Best photography studios in London, which one is your favourite?

Dear photographers, I'm currently working on a new fashion related project. I've used a few photography studios before but would like to know which ones are best in your opinion and why.


  • Hi Kinga
    I wanted to reach out and let you know that I do have an affordable, natural light studio in Battersea if you need a studio in the future!
    You can see photos, and prices on my website
    You can book it by the hour and all equipment is included! x
  • @Kid Circus WOW! This is so so helpful! Thank you so much. Now I have some choosing to do 😊
  • @Preé Isaacs Agreed, Holborn Studios is a great one to shoot in. Especially for commercial projects, or situations where you need to do a set build. :)
  • My tuppence....

    Because they now have four incredible spaces that can cater to numerous needs. I've shot in two of them this year.

    Because it's a beautiful old white-painted warehouse space with some lovely bits of furniture. On good days the natural daylight in there is great, but they do also provide lighting for hire if the light isn't so great.
    Again, like Shutterhouse, they have a variety of studio spaces to cater to different needs. Also, they use Profoto lighting which is probably still my fave brand of lighting tbh.
    I've shot here more times than I can count. Their original space is an excellent choice, with a variety of backdrops (and probably the biggest softbox I've ever used). Their second space is a lovely white cove space, with Arri Skypanel lighting available for use. It also gets great natural light on good days. Also, Dean is probably the most helpful studio owner you will ever meet.
    If you're trying to keep costs down when shooting any projects, this one in Tottenham is the one. Cheap as chips.

  • Because it’s affordable, has all the equipment needed and more. I’ve been working with this studio for over 4 years.

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