Calling all artists who are passionate about sustainable fashion and would like to submit their work for my zine, anyone interested ?

Looking for writers, fashion designers, illustrators and photographers who are passionate about sustainable style over fast fashion/culture over consumption, for volume 1 of my fashion & culture zine. Taking submissions all year (free of charge)

Please feel free to check out my portfolio to see previous collaborations. All editorials are directed and styled by myself.
I'm also looking to collaborate with stylists (in the future) as I experiment with 35mm film photography.

Do not hesitate to comment or message me for more info, I hope to hear from you

P.S Stay safe & take care


  • @Paige Natasha Goddard Thank you so much! I would love to produce some new and orginal content for Allora. Please contanct me on my instagram to discuss this further!
  • @Akanksha Goyal You have a very distinctive style, I find your portfolio so compelling, I love it! I really like the editorials for Liberté in particular. How would you feel about doing a simualr piece also based on mental health for Allora zine? we also take submissions that weren't specifically produced for Allora, as long as all the credits are there and no one else has publishing rights :)
  • Hi Paige, this sounds like a really cool project! i've worked on a conceptual sustainable brand, the work can be found on my website

  • Hi Paige, I am interested in writing on this topic. It’s an important one which I personally think about a lot especially now as my wardrobe sits idle - makes me think what do I really need? Whilst it’s bad for the economy, the closure of so many high street brands which are essentially fast fashion is timely.
    I have connected with you so message me if you would like to work together.
  • I’d love to contribute & collaborate with you!

    I’m working on a piece about the Aladdin-cave’s-like magic of the charity shop, if you’d be interested in hearing it (and hopefully interested in including it :p) then my email is ! :-)
  • Hello there!

    I love your portfolio - not sure if my style fits yours though but would still be really interested in a a collaboration with you! And am so passionate about sustainable fashion!

    Here's my portfolio link

    Let me know if you like what you see :))

  • @Tabby Hope Wonderful! are you familiar with an editorial called Domestic bliss? It was shot by Steven Klein about 10 years ago, of Angelina jolie and Brad Pitt. I have been looking to re-create this sort of aesthetic on fim and with sustainable clothing. I can add you to my Pinterest board if you like? Obvs we wont be able to do it anytime soon but no harm in planning it :) be great to work with you

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