Career coaching?

What are people’s experiences of career coaching, especially after redundancy? Does anyone have advice or recommendations - watch outs, best practice, finding the right person, balancing value vs budget, etc? Any recommendations or suggestions greatly welcome.


  • Hi Sarah,
    Hope this finds you well? Very good advice here, I find @Samantha Clarke specially insightful.
    In my experience there are two sides to it:
    - Emotionally: allow yourself to go have a range of different feelings but please try not to get carried away by these. The undesired end of a project that we have been passionate about is never easy, however this is temporary and you will be ready to jump to the next thing when you are fully healed. Easier said than done, but please try not to take this whole thing too personal.
    - Practical: I find very useful taking an analytical approach. Collect data about your role in the project, responsabilities, what were your strengths and where there is room for improvement. You probably worked with talented people and listing their professional skills is also useful. When listed and out of your mind (b&w on paper), things start to shape differently and your thought process also improves.
    On a general level I would encourage taking this is an opportunity for reflecting, refocusing and having an honest conversation with yourself about what do you bring and expect from a job/project.
    And a final piece of advice: try to own the narrative and not get lost in guilt, shame or blaming others as this will slow down your progress.
    Hope this helps!
  • Hello Sarah - how are you? Redundancy is never an easy process but with the right person by your side it can be navigated easily. We believe it's important that individulas work through a four part process after facing a career set back.
    - Addressing the emotions - it's never easy being let go and it's easy to fall into some 'limiting beliefs' cycles. So we address Mindset & Self-leadership before anything else
    - Understanding what's the path you want to tread next - becoming both an explorer of your work story and journey
    - Achitecting a plan - drilling down your tool kit
    - Maintaining momentum - helping you to navigate what you will need to thrive on the journey and also be resilient in the peaks & troughs.

    At Love It Leave It work with both indivdiuals via our book ( and our LILI LIFE programme We provide an affordable access annually or monthly to a library of resources and training, access to myself in weekly group Q&A and partner coaches for one to one sessions that have specialisms in tech, creative media, arts and finance. Unique advice whether you've faced a career setback, new beginnings or create better work welllbeing in a new role.

    We also work with companies to make sure their outplacement services are holistic to account for mind and body in this period of change. It takes more than a quick CV analysis. So much at the moment is quite cookie cutter and very male dominated. We've seen that it fails to take into account the diversity issues across gender and race which shapes everything across job opportunities, potential and other barriers to success. Happy to have a further conversation on this.
  • Hey Sarah,
    Her Hustle (my company) is a career support network with a membership program - and in that membership, we provide a group career coaching session each month. As coaches can be expensive, this gave members more affordable access to them, and for the coaches, they were able to demo what they do to more people.

    From feedback, our members love coaching as part of the package which also provides webinars, community slack channels, and daily 'virtual co-working'.

    Here is a write up of a coaching session:

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