Culture is the thing on everyone's lips. If you're not working for the company, what do you think is the best way to share and show culture?

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  • How you display your online identity, hugely glimpses what the culture is. So its by proper personal brand types, tone, associates etc.

    Hope that helps:)
  • First - understand what it is and what its purpose.

    One can not share culture itself, one can share its "results".
    Also there is no best way to show its "results". Every situation requires its own method, that depends not only on the type of "result", but also the conditions around and the purpose of sharing.
  • Share and show the company's culture? As Sheila said, speaking with people within the culture is a great necessary first step. But for bigger companies you can engage with the culture based on their known actions in the world too. By that I mean, outside pressure has helped some companies begin the slow, hard work of changing culture e.g. Uber firing their corrupt original CEO and bringing someone better onboard.
  • The best way to share and show culture is to speak to people of that culture because not only will they give you a invaluable insight into their practises, but it'll also provide a chance for you to explore reasonings/meanings behind certain customs which may otherwise seem backward/trivial/weird to outsiders.

    It's also excruciatingly essential to always approach these situations with an open mind to avoid your subjective bias (stereotypes, fears etc) impacting the findings you collect from these conversations.

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