Design Council is looking for a diverse range of new design associates! Interested >>

Design Council is currently looking for a number of new Design Associates to work with us to deliver a range of exciting programmes and initiatives that have the power to transform our communities. We are keen to share this opportunity with as many designers as possible. Would you be interested in helping us to promote this to your network?

Design Associates are design professionals working at the top of their field in public and private sector organisations, who are passionate about the power of design to change people’s lives for the better. They are typically independent design professionals with a range of clients or hold permanent roles which offer them the flexibility to work with Design Council as needed, to help deliver our programmes. The role offers them a great opportunity to use their skills and expertise to help us deliver our mission, creating a more sustainable and inclusive society, through design.


  • Hi there, my name is Emma Morton and I have a passion for working on projects that bring wellbeing to people and planet. You can see more about me on my website Would be great to find out more about what you’re looking for.
  • Hi Cat,
    I'd recommend posting this as a job here:
    This will then send a notification to relevant people and make it easier to shortlist incredible people.
    I hope you find someone amazing :)
    Cathy x

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