Do you have a favourite font combination?

I'm curious to see what some of your favourites are, especially in terms of website design pairings. Send me an example of your answer if you can.


  • @Stephany Damyanova А ти май си Българче така като гледам!

    Благодаря ти! Fontfabric мисля че са българи тези които са правили сайта и шрифтовете.

    В момента в Кардиф ли работиш?
  • @Emanuil Genov These are the most popular ones I know, but I'm not sure what the usage rights are for commercial purposes, so have a look before using them in client work:
    • - all the fonts here are open source
    • - all fonts here are supposed to be free for commercial use

    I've also found this page very useful in terms of resources and inspiration - .

  • @Sinead Taylor That sounds like such a satisfying combination, I usually prefer sans serifs for body text just based on my personal taste, but I would definitely like seeing something like the Futura/Bodoni mix you've suggested.
  • @Adam Zygadlo Hahha you got me there for a second!
    I had a Futura and Helvetica phase when I had my Wes Anderson phase, he really knows how to work those fonts and make you obsess over them.
    Aquatico looks super sleek and futuristic as well, but I can see why you're struggling to pair it, it has a very unique look. Let me know if you find something that works with it :)
  • @Nicola Humphreys Thank you, I just discovered Typewolf yesterday and it's amazing! I don't know much about typography, but it's really fascinating and I'm loving the number of resources that are out there. This page especially has introduced me to some great stuff - .
  • I love combing bold sans Serifs with more intricate, formal serifs eg Futura with bondoni
  • I loved Comic Sans... :^S Nope, I am joking about that!

    After university, I fell in love with the Futura font set. Where each letter looks futuristic in my eyes. I combined them with Helvetica and Proxima Nova to name a few.

    Recently I have discovered Aquatico set which feels like VAG Rounded a little, which is also a nice font. I have yet to find a complimenting font to support them.
  • this is a great resouce to review new and varied fonts and there's info on great pairings too. At the moment I'm liking one slike Suisse Internation & Works or Americana & venus. Have fun with it!

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