Does anybody have any advice with how to get your 'foot in the door' and kick start your dream career?


  • Hey Esme — I know how lack of money can really make getting your foot in the door a challenge. I also sympathize with how frustrating it can be to be told you lack experience when you’re just starting out. Have you worked on your portfolio yet? Adding projects to your Dots profile is a great way to take steps toward that.

    If you don’t have projects to share than self-initiated projects is a great place to start

    Don‘t be afraid to share work from your time at uni either.
  • My dream career would be something in the Marketing/ Advertising/ Publishing sector. I have applied for numerous jobs in all three sectors since graduating 2 months ago but my lack of experience and lack of money is proving difficult to overcome. Any advice?
  • Great clarifying question @Kalada Raphael Anga. It's an important one to consider, @Esme Taylor because knowing what you want is the first step in going after it.

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