Does someone have some tips for pricing a complex web design (more than 10 screens / with an interface user) and its prototype?


  • @Adrian Van Cooten thanks for your answer. Ahah I'm writing everything I'm doing on this project + all travels I do for it, etc. The work is actually super huuuuge. The client wasn't imagining that at first. That's why it was hard for me to make my approximate price on his project. He was thinking of a simple web design but finally, it's more like a complex online interface. But now he understands and financially supports the time we needed to work on the project.
  • Scope out the actual user journeys in detail for at least a day and make sure you include the cost into your estimate. Also agree all of the user journeys with your client. I would produce a project plan based on this scope.

    Remember you’re not just scoping the screens, you need to capture all of the the states of screens, all of the subtle interactions and error handling. Also get a good understanding of the content that will be required for this website. Most importantly, it’s important to state what you are NOT doing in your scope of work.
  • As a established web designing agency we usually don’t charge for singular pages .but I’d recommend to list as a professional website and charge a 20% premium from your standard rate.

  • A lot of web development agencies complete larger projects in sprints, so perhaps you could break it down into different phases? This will make it much easier for you to quote for.
  • Dear @Florian Zumfelde , thank you for steering me to this podcast. I found It interesting and it helps me to go further into this question of pricing designs. I hope to be able to convince my clients in the right way. :) Btw, I like the format audio/text of 2bobs. Thanks for sharing!
  • @Eugene Moroz Thank you so much for the advice Eugene! With the new Apple updates, I can see now precisely how long I was working on each software on my computer (mouse movement or clicks detected idk). It will be very useful with Pomodoro!
  • Whatever you estimate of how long it takes, it always tends to take much much longer. Consider starting by working out how long it takes and then double it to allow for that extra capacity. Here's a great podcast on pricing models for creatives:
  • @Capucine Bily Limit yourself in time, for example, a mood board for 1 hour, a quick analysis of competitors for 1 hour, etc. And also use Pomodoro Tracker :)
  • It's a really difficult question. So, say client your hour price :)

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