Finally finished my rebrand. Doing a soft launch before a promotional release. Wouldn't mind hearing the kind people of the dot's thoughts?

The original design I felt was dated and didn't tell the right story. I've been working over the past couple of months developing a whole new brand identity down to a bespoke typeface. I'm currently just working on the promotional materials for social and as it's currently live but not being sent to clients I thought I'd share on the dots to see people's first reactions.

One of the things I wouldn't mind hearing people's thoughts on is whether the copy on the homepage should read "you" instead of "clients".

Another thing I'm considering is a loading page as you get to the website just to help those few seconds for Editor X to sort itself out.

Also, I'd like to hear people's opinions about the typeface, if they think it's working etc.

Thanks so much in advance and here is the website:


  • @Livia Lucie Hi Livia, Thanks so much for taking the time to go through the website and your comments. You picked up on something that I've always struggled with in terms of how to sell the business. It is just me but I do get in copywriters and developers as part of the process so I'm trying to angle the more studio idea. Maybe I need to work on that a little more. Thanks again and hope you have a good weekend!
  • Hi Alister,

    The thing that instantly struck me is you use "we" a lot but you're clearly one person and this is confirmed with the email address. So I would either be authentic and be the one-man band or adjust things so you come across as more of an agency consistently.

    If you go for a more personal touch then changing clients to you definitely makes sense to talk directly to them.

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