Alister Shapley

Alister Shapley

DesignerManchester, United Kingdom
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Alister Shapley

Alister Shapley

DesignerManchester, United Kingdom
About me
I am an independent designer who runs asdesign, a small studio specialising in brand and print design.
  • asdesign rebrand and bespoke typeface
    asdesign rebrand and bespoke typefaceThe new identity focuses on utilising a bespoke typeface to act as an anchor for adaptable systems that are to be applied over time. The typeface is based on a humanist sans serif representing my own history as to what inspired me to become a designer. Even though asdesign focuses on our client’s needs I still feel it’s important that the brand reflects its journey and connection to my own career, using that to showcase the knowledge and expertise that has been gained over the years. The choice
  • Prose typeface (WIP)
    Prose typeface (WIP)"One-Stroke" round hand calligraphic pen style is the inspiration for this self-initiated typeface. I collect antique typographic books and take inspiration from old found objects. This typeface uses the structures seen in a traditional round hand italic calligraphy and adapts it with modern-day design structures. This is still a work in progress but I'm happy with the direction it's moving.
  • Stoke Slab font (WIP)
    Stoke Slab font (WIP)Stoke-On-Trent’s always had a bit of a bad reputation but it’s got so much history with design, print and typography. I wanted to honour that somehow. This self-initiated project started as a screen print are series titled "made by a stokey". The idea of this series was to highlight aspects of the ceramics industry in Stoke making people think of the potteries and not the debt-ridden Brexit capital that was portrayed in the media. The typeface started with this "made by a stokey" print series a
Projects credited in
  • Stratum Resin Flooring
    Stratum Resin Flooring“Designing floors for the future with innovation, quality and customer care at the heart of every project”. I worked with Stratum to develop a new brand strategy that captures their drive and passion while reflecting their partnership with Bolidt. Stratum’s previous identity was heavily reliant on Bolidt’s branding and marketing. Detaching from this and creating a contemporary look that appeals to their target audience was the aim for this rebrand. We went through an initial brand assessment tha
  • Translation Architecture
    Translation ArchitectureTranslation Architecture are a London based architectural design and research studio who specialise in hospitality with an interest in heritage, retrofit and low energy strategies. The ethos of the company is based around language be that through drawings, written or verbal. The identity reflects this by creating a logo that is part of a typographic system that’s used throughout the brand. The icon takes its form from the origins on the letter b and the ancient symbol for building. This link to
  • Fleur de Lys
    Fleur de LysFleur de Lys unites people who care about the planet and its people. They are a UK-based skincare brand that aims to launch at the beginning of 2021. We were asked to help build the foundations of the Fleur de Lys brand creating the logo, brand guidelines and marketing collateral. Based around artisan techniques in a modern setting our aim was to take this mix of traditional and modern into the visual structure of the brand.
  • Migration and the Making of the Ancient Greek World (MIGMAG)
    Migration and the Making of the Ancient Greek World (MIGMAG)Branding and presentation design for the Migration and the Making of the Ancient Greek World (MIGMAG) project. ​"Alister provided a sleek, strong design which captured our project brand perfectly. The design process was fast and efficient, with plenty of flexibility to take our needs into account. Highly recommended!" ​— Univ.-Prof. Dr. Naoíse Mac Sweeney, MIGMAG
  • Dostupne Spekluace
    Dostupne SpekluaceA group of architects and lecturers based in Prague, Germany and the UK invited us to work with them on a design for a publication. The project came off the back of an exhibition and workshop exploring affordable housing. The exhibition looked at the area of Karlin in Prague and analysed the rate and quality of development in that area over the last few years. The end result of the research was an increase of unaffordable and poorly built apartments, made for profit and not for the residents of
  • hope-based comms
    hope-based commsLogo, brand and web design for Hope-based comms. Hope-based comms is a PR company whose aim is to change the narrative from fear to hope in the charity sector.
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Work history
    Lead DesignerStudio OBI, Manchester
    Manchester, United KingdomPart Time
    Lead designer for Studio OBI working on brand design and digital experiences within the construction sector.
    asdesign logo
    asdesign logo
    Freelance Graphic Designasdesign
    Stockport, United KingdomFull Time
    Working on visual identities and brand guidelines along with other graphic support for personal clients. Clients include: Fluer de Lys, KrasenLach, and Translation Architecture.
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    MArchEdinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
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