For you, whats the most difficult part of selling your 'Art'? Visibility? Marketing knowhow? Technology skills necessary? Other?

Thanks for helping with my research getting it just right for you!


  • I think it can be challenging to grow your team as a creative. All creatives have their individuality and different skills. It's great when these gel together, but it can be challenging to find the right people with the right values.
  • Definitely self promotion and visibility for me. As others have said, being visible on platforms like Instagram is such a challenge with the goalposts always moving. I've allocated a day per week where promoting my work is priority. Today I've updated portfolio sites, applied for jobs and posted on socials, where usually I'm tempted to just draw!
  • Without doubt the visibility. For example, on IG the various algorithms that have followed one another in the last two years have penalized common users like me and personally I have practically stopped using that social network.
  • @Bimal Tailor Hi Bimal, Thank you for your reply. I identify with the visibility issue completely! Visibility was always my biggest fear and it kept me from becoming the artist & photographer I had wanted to be as a child. I entered digital marketing as an art director instead (it was close enough) and it went from there.
    I am now just launching @artsmedialab / that addresses exactly that, visibility & reach and is focused on helping propel sales & revenue for artists, creatives & arts entrpreneurs.
    Because I've been there and have a huge passion for the arts.
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    All the best, Michelle

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