Happy Tuesday, How to go about finding a mentor?

Hey guys, Im in a space where I love creating however, I feel it would benefit me to work with a photography/creative mentor.
Mainly to learn about the business aspect.

To anyone who has successfully found and worked with a mentor, What was your journey like? How did you even start?

Thank youuuu x


  • @Katja Alissa Mueller This is great advice, ill make a note of this, thank you
  • @Scott Morrison
    Hey scott, The points youve made have really made me look at this from a different perespective and have really been useful so thank you!
  • Hey!

    I found one through Mentoring Matters on Instagram, check it out! It’s a non-profit mentor scheme for BAME and POC creatives. I’m not sure if they’re taking applications for their next round at the moment but definitely keep an eye on their page! @mentoringmatters is their @. Good luck!
  • I found this website recently, all about mentorship, maybe you find it useful:

  • Hi Tracy

    First up, it’s great to make a list of the things you want to be mentored on.

    What’s the path you’re looking to head down?

    What are the key decisions/actions you want to make?

    Where are the gaps in your knowledge?

    Where are your strengths?

    Then research who is a good fit. Sometimes it’s people who had trodden a path at the stage you’re at that make the best mentors not necessarily those at the top of your industry- as you grow, you can move to another mentor. Or, indeed, have several with each focussing on a specific area.

    It’s important to find the right person so do your homework thoroughly.

    And always remember to keep your mentors informed of your progress. It really means a lot to them to hear you’re doing well.

    Stay Boom!

  • Hi Tracy,

    She Says has an amazing mentorship program called Who’s Your Momma. Check it out here. https://www.shesayswhosyourmomma.com/
    I was paired up with a brilliant mentor who truly helped me shift things.

    And from experience, always reach out directly to people you admire and think they can be great as your mentor. Most people are very receptive and feel honoured that you thought of them. But in case they won’t have any bandwidth to take you on as a mentee it’s always worth asking if they know someone in their network who could be suitable as a mentor too. Some fantastic unexpected doors can open this way…
    All the best finding a brilliant mentor.

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