Has anyone else updated to Photoshop 2021 and found it to be REALLY buggy?


  • Illustrator has just become unmanageable. I wonder if it hs to do with conflicts with the GPU or other underlying processes.
  • I'm having consistent issues with crashing, especially when zooming in or out of my canvas. I'm also a regular file saver, so when I reopen Photoshop and find my PSD files in the same state as when I first opened them at the start of the session I'm baffled. Am I just forgetting to save or is it reverting the files back to their original state upon reopening? Not once have I noticed anything like this on previous updates, I've lost hours of work.
  • @Janine Stromberg 100% agree! I’ve been really unhappy with illustrator recently so I started using Procreate and it is massively more polished and easier to use. Plus there’s no monthly subscription fee.
  • @Deividas Jablonskis I'm getting an issue where nothing appears in Standard Screen Mode, but will in Full Screen, and it's taking a while to render vector layers. Very frustrating!
  • Personally I think the entire adobe suite’s latest update has been awful. Considering how much it costs as well it’s hugely frustrating

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