Hello Dots, I just launched my photography website and I’d love some honest feedbacks!


Let me know what you like and what you’d change or improve x


  • @Emily-Jayne Nolan thanks, it makes so much sense now that I’m reading it haha
  • I woul also agree that the landing page should include the portfolio - the landing page seems a bit empty/hollow - I would say keep the same format, just add your work to that landing page! Site look sleek and clear otherwise - easy to read!
  • Hey!

    Your work is lovely, I think you should have your landing page as your portfolio so that it's the first thing that's seen. The page that you land on atm feels like there isn't much need for it? Could go on an 'about' page or in your contact page?

    Other than that I like it :) Nice that you can see more of the photos from the projects.

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