Hello! Would anyone be interested in a blog dedicated to all things sleep? If so, what kind of topics would you like to see covered?

I've been commissioned by a sleep e-commerce start-up to write several articles around the topic of sleep and I'd love to know what people would find useful / are interested in.

Struggling to sleep? Want to know more about something specific? Tell me what you need to know.

If you feel more comfortable messaging me privately, please feel free to connect!


  • @Emma Ferguson hello! I know this was a long time ago but my article about sleeping next to partners was approved and I thought you might like to read it: https://medium.com/sleeboo/the-future-of-sleeping-together-why-sleeping-separately-may-improve-your-sleep-quality-91f8a73dfcea?source=friends_link&sk=a5362d83d6a373a00c90e955e40b7061
  • @Asher Harris yes! This is something I'd thought about too so I'm pleased to hear you suggest it. It's almost as if sleep deprivation is seen as a badge of honour sometimes. Such an important issue. Thank you, Asher!
  • Not sure how to explain this (worrying considering my profession) but the almost glorificaton of the abandonment of sleep in the pursuit of goals (e.g. huslte culture) and the dertrimental effects that has on individuals.
  • @Julie Richards Hope you're doing ok now, Julie. You've been through a lot. Thank you for supporting other people as an ambassador
  • @Julie Richards Thank you, Julie. An interesting topic to explore, I don't think this is talked about enough. I'll be sure to share the blog when it's ready
  • Sleeping next to partners - how to balance wanting to sleep next to a partner but acknowledging that you sleep worse with them around

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