Help with web design x cargo collective

Hello guys,

So the short version is I am making a website and have little experience in within such area, and would just generally like help.

I have made one last year for a project but that was completely different as for a start it was not published online.

The longer version is I am using cargo collective as we have a free year membership "with no restrictions" through Uni. I was wondering whether this includes the domain as well, or since it is a part of the wider web (to my understanding) is not included within the "no restrictions".

Also, some feedback would be much appreciated, as since it is a WIP there are a lot of empty holes here and there.

Thanks in advance


  • Do you mean you want to have personal domain and point to your cargo collective, when a user types in i.e. yourpersonaldomain(dot)com it directs to your cargo.

    If thats the case then cargo dosen’t offer that as a free package, think you have to pay as I think Cargo is another domain provider to host users domains.
  • Hey Matt, we can help you withyour web design :) or email

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