Matt Van Noordt

Matt Van Noordt

Graphic Design GraduateSheffield, United Kingdom
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Matt Van Noordt

Matt Van Noordt

Graphic Design GraduateSheffield, United Kingdom
  • Sign Writing
    Sign WritingSignwriting is a style of calligraphy I have known of for a while but just did not know the name of. It consists of stylish, yet legible aesthetics, and I wanted to learn it for a quick way to produce some readable to anyone, yet visually appealing writing. After reading a few lettering books I discovered the name for this style I have been seeing for years, and with seeing my coursemate: Vanduzzi's big, colourful posters scattered around the studio, it encouraged me to work in this manner. Aft
  • Literarum Research Inquiry
    Literarum Research InquiryFor the second semester of my final year of university, I needed to do a Research Inquiry, and I wanted to investigate into letterforms, to affect and improve my lettering practice. Unfortunately, though I ended up getting tunnel vision and it strayed away from the sole purpose, which was to be learning from hands-on experimentation, as opposed the dryer forms of research that is books and websites, however with that being said, it has improved my copywriting skills dramatically via the use of a
  • Typographic Billboard - Back to Collaborating
    Typographic Billboard - Back to CollaboratingWith what I call the third phase of this master project, we were tasked to take make something out of our peers work from the first collaboration. I received Rebecca Bulls, Ashley Owens, and Cat Spivey's and with recently have discovering an interest in paper textures and used this brief to further investigate the technique.
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Projects credited in
  • Sheffield Hallam University, BA (Hons) Graphic Design
    Sheffield Hallam University, BA (Hons) Graphic DesignThis course teaches the principles of Graphic Design and experiments with materials, processes and technology to develop professional, practical skills in this continually expanding field. Students are encouraged to: Experiment with a variety of techniques and materials, both traditional and future-facing. Develop the confidence to deal with new technologies and propose innovative, creative solutions. Work with practicing designers who bring their experience and networks to the course. Develop
  • Typographic Billboard
    Typographic BillboardA short typographic collaborative brief with Graphic Design students at Sheffield Hallam University and 13 students in an advanced typography class with Professor Erik Brandt in Minneapolis College of Art & Design, in Minnesota, US. The students at MCAD produced the first billboard around topics/messages they feel are important to them. From this we had to respond by choosing our own important topics and collaboratively created a billboard of our typographic/symbolic outcomes.