Sheffield Hallam University, BA (Hons) Graphic Design

  • Alice Fraser
  • Michael Peters
  • Max Armstrong
  • Justice Southwell
  • Daniella Devita
  • Maddie Barker
  • Matt Van Noordt
  • Sarah Twelves
  • Coralie Wells
  • Stephanie Dowd
  • Becky Duckmanton
  • Aimee Brockley
This course teaches the principles of Graphic Design and experiments with materials, processes and technology to develop professional, practical skills in this continually expanding field.

Students are encouraged to:
  • Experiment with a variety of techniques and materials, both traditional and future-facing.
  • Develop the confidence to deal with new technologies and propose innovative, creative solutions.
  • Work with practicing designers who bring their experience and networks to the course.
  • Develop understanding of user experience as a key part of design practice.

We respond to social, technological, economic and political challenges and equip students with the knowledge and confidence to create solutions and tell stories that will make and communicate change in the world.
Alistair wood — F*ck You
Hannah Buckley — Design Bridge Competition
Aimee Brockley — Lets Get Mad
Sarah Twelves — Of Polarisation
Emily Barker — Fulfil
Michael Peters — No one is cool. Not even you.
Chloe Tribe — Out of Context
Alice Fraser — Plausible Dystopias
Justice Southwell — DIY Revolution
Cat Spivey — Typography, Dance and Ritual