Hey creatives, Would love your (constructive) opinion on my website www.anaeelena.com. (promise to take with a light heart) Shoot!


  • @Alessandra Leone the mobile version is a bit different than the screen one, so yes, I def agree with you. Get what you’re saying, will change that. Thanks a lot for your feedback!
  • Looks good! I’m opening it on mobile and from what the other say, I assume I am not seeing all they see, so may need a but if mobile optimization? Other than that looks good, I like that you specify type of project/your role smaller next to each project name. Just one thing. I wouldn’t say
    TRYING to combine all this with mograph, (about txt). As a professional you don’t try that, you just do it. Sounds just a bit insecure somehow. That’s it!
  • @Pablo M.-Ortiz now that you have pointed that out, I couldn’t agree more. Will definitely change that. Helps a lot to have someone see it with fresh eyes. Thanks a lot for your feedback and encouraging words!
  • @Evelina Barzdaite haha completely get you! I think that sometimes about myself, but I blame on the design, so will definitely change that.
    Thanks a lot for pointing that out and for the amazing feedback. Sometimes you get too caught in your own things that you overlook such things.
  • Great work and amazing portfolio! Personally, I would say to move the gif with black background from the home page lower, as I was confused if I have to scroll down to see the projects or if I have to click on the titles. However, once I figured out what is what, everything seemed to be more fun. So I don't know, maybe I'm just slow at figuring out things haha! But honestly great work, I love The Aesthetic Of Truth editorial and I like the gifs, really entertaining!
  • Really nicely done! The only two things that I would personally change are the vertical scale of the project labels and contact panel on the right, just seems a little dated and clunky compared to the beautiful design of your landing page. But yeah the layout of your website is really very nice, you can see you have a really strong feeling for editorial design. Hope this helps! :)

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