Hey Dotters. Looking for opportunities to write about music. Tips on how to score paid gigs, connection suggestions or referrals welcome 🙏

I already have experience in the field: I’m a copywriter by day and music blogger by night 😉 But I’d finally love to fuse both and make writing about music my main occupation. Sadly, I seem to be stuck creatively and have run out of ideas on how and where to pitch.
Here’s my music curation portfolio:
I’m also happy to send through my CV if needed.
Thank you!


  • Hello,
    your blog looks like an estabilished online music magazine, impressive.

    Anyway, in addition to music magazines, you could try offering yourself as a collaborator on music licensing sites such as Artlist, Musicbed, Music Vine, Epidemic Sound etc.
    These sites often have blogs and are often looking for collaborators.

    I hope it helps.
  • Great blog with interesting articles! :)

    Do you know what you'd like to write about next? How do you want to go forward? interviews? observations? festivals or a mix?

    Start a spreadsheet, paper, list or whatever you like in the vacinity or who you'd love to work for?
    get in touch, seek out people, go to gigs.

    Chedck Linkedin, twitter, specific ### as sometimes they are helpful, also creative spaces
    https://www.thehalley.co.uk/ (loads more but not sure where you are based!)

    Would you like to collaborate with a photographer or team? so many questions, always.....
  • check out the journal of music. they have several callouts a year and are always interested in young writers.


    know nothing about this one save that it's based in romania.


    here's another; think the founder might actually be on the dots.


    finally, sound and music is a non-profit that helps young musicians and writers. they might be able to point you in the right direction.


    good luck.
  • Hi Saba,

    I’m Jamil from The Dots! Here are my top tips to help you find work:

    1. Follow your favourite companies so you’re the first to know when they post jobs and call-outs:

    2. Build your network by connecting with people you already know, and people you want to know! (fun fact: 50-80% of jobs are filled through networking):

    Oh, and your newsfeed is the place to discover all the best opportunities to network, find work and more:

    I hope that helps!


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