Hey everyone! Changing career from Client-Side to Agency-Side. It is easy to make this change in the London market?

I am a Brand and Innovation professional, with 4 years working for the owner of The Body Shop, seeking to reinvent my self and choosed to make London my home-base.
I have being needing extra help to re-located, due to difference of culture, language and to re-build a strong network.
So any insight, connections or tips is very much appreciated! ;)


  • Hey @Duda Carvalhaes -- 7 years ago I went from an agency in NYC to a consultancy in London. 2 years ago I went from an agency to an in-house role at The Dots. So while that's not exactly your same scenario it's kinda related.

    I've found London very welcoming. There are always tons of of meet ups, groups, and events that bring communities together. I've found the design community much easier to plug into than NYC.

    Over on our events section there are a few events on right now that might tickle your fancy as a strategist. Attending real-life events is great way to build a new network for yourself. https://the-dots.com/events/search?query=strategy

    Aside from that, I don't think you'll struggle too much shifting from in-house to agency side. If need be you could find specialist agencies or bigger agencies that have lots of cosmetics clients. Your experience and insights would be very useful to them.

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