Hey! Guys I just need feedback and advice on my portfolio website. It is time for me to change it around. Drop the comment below. Thanks



  • @Nada Abughris
    Hi Nada!
    God bless you! Thank you so much x
    I will definitely change it soon.
  • Hey Noor! You have some fantastic projects on your site, well done.
    A few points to consider:
    - Reduce the overall website visuals by sticking to more neutral colours for titles, subheadings and menu. This will really put the focus on your wonderfully colourful work more.
    - Move all the projects under one page ( move the mental health project, under the projects).
    - Make your projects your home page and move the about me to another.

    I hope this helped! Good luck & let me know when youve made ammends :)
  • First of all, wix isn't the right way for a website. And the coloursheme needs to more fresh. Less pink, more different colours. And, very Important: the typography. Please use different styles like at your work. For questions, DM me. Chears

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