Hey :) I’m looking to get into podcasting/ radio but haven’t had any luck so far. Any advice would be really helpful x


  • @Lucky Acan yes, you could definitely do that - you could also start something on soundcloud, like your own independent show. Doesn't need to be an hour, it could be 20min, just something so you can start understanding the mechanics. There are also some good community stations run out of Bristol and Brighton so you could try those x
  • @Alexandra (Lex) Hearth Thanks Alexandra! I’ve noticed with radio (Rinse, NTS, Reprezent) that I need more experience. Would you advise that I gain experience through podcasting to get into radio? X
  • @A Rose thanks, Rose this is so helpful. I appreciate your advise! I’ll definitely follow through with your pointers. Thanks, again! X
  • Hi Lucky, I agree with everything below. You should start your own show and showcase your talent, your style and your "format". If this is your way and you strategize and position yourself correctly, opportunities will come.:)
  • Hey Lucky,
    Completely agree with the below - for podcasts, a good way is to start your own, or find smaller shows you think are good and approach the host/founder and offer to volunteer support for a few months. You'll learn a lot fast which you can then use to apply for paid roles.
    For radio, you should look at community stations, so in London these would be Rinse FM, Reprezent, Foundation, NTS, Westside (there's more)... - look for stations which are well run but accessible. There are also companies who set up podcasts as part of a brand's marketing. These are run a bit more corporately, so may have more entry level roles. Good luck! X
  • Hey!

    So starting your own podcast is technically pretty easy, and with the mic on your phone, plus some free editing software (I use Soundwave) and hosting software (I use Blubrry) you can start experimenting, which will help you establish what kind of stuff you like making and the stories you want to tell.

    I used to occassionally co-produce / co-host a show on Resonance FM (though over the pandemic we couldn't go into the studio so stopped making it) and the producers there were always really kind and willing to teach people who wanted to learn. I reckon if there's a community radio station or podcast you love listening to that's nearby you should just reach out and say how can I help (or pitch a story).

    These lot also seem really interesting: https://twitter.com/SWaveCollective and host regular events.

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