Hey lovely Dots community! I would love some feedback on my new portfolio site please and thankyou!!!

It's that time of year where you feel like you have to spruce up your portfolio!


I'd been meaning to update my website for an embarrassingly long time - then it took me WEEKS to start it from scratch and find all the content etc.

I'd really appreciate some feedback on it if possible?

Thank you in advance, and if there's anyone looking for a portrait photographer - feel free to get in touch!!


  • @Alessandra Leone Hey!!

    thank you - that's really helpful and makes total sense! I think I should be able to leave the landing page without a name and that will take it off the menu.

    And yes to the floating mail and insta buttons, need to look into if I can get that! (Hope so). I was trying to find a floating button to "return to the top" as well, rather than people having to scroll up but I'll find a tutorial for that.

    Thanks again
    Em x

  • Hey Emily,

    It’s a bit weird for me to comment on someone’s hard and meaningful work.

    Plus without having any contexts make it harder.

    But I would like to say well done on your website.

    I am not sure if I have a bad connection but I felt like it was taking to long to navigate between pages.
    A part from that I like the authenticity of the page.
  • hi there ! looking good! Nice copy, nice shots and well sorted categories. Congrats!
    Maybe you could have the top insta and mail icons stay as overlay when one scrolls down (not sure if that's possible with whatever you are using), so easy to find and click anytime from anyplace you are within the vertical scroll (and no need to repeat them at the bottom).
    And a smaller note, maybe you could consider loosing the HOME menu button as nowadays people are really quite familiar with click on Website name at top to go to home..? that would mean you'd then have 1 less navigation button. But some may disagree about this. Hope it helps!

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