Hey people! What is the best funding option to raise funds/get funding for a new event idea? Any tips would also be helpful


  • Depends on the kind of event. Use the themes of your event to target funders e.g. 'wellcome trust' fund for science & health, so if it has a mental health theme I'd go there. If you are supporting artists then Arts Council. PRS, Red Bull and urban development for music. If you are having anyone from abroad then British Council. also check out Paul Hamlyn foundation and national lottery for community projects.

    Also sponsorship packages and dont be afraid to make an investment package and ask your friends to invest on a profit share.

    If you wanna know more or need help I do online consulting (£60 for 45 min facetime or skype call.

    Either way I hope this helps.
  • Might also be worth considering whether sponsorship/partnership opportunities could be an option for the event. These could be paid, in-kind or contra - so could either help reduce costs, or help bring in funds to get things off the ground.

    If you have a community already then that would be helpful in engaging potential sponsors/partners, to prove the value from their side. If you haven't done already, then think about the kinds of brands or businesses that have similar values to the events you're looking to launch :-)

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