Hey photographers! I got questions. How did you find representation from a creative agency ? Did you find them, or did they find you?

…or is it even worth signing up with one?


  • I've had a couple of agents - I sought them out each time.
    A good agent has relationships with art buyers and producers in the fashion and advertising world which is necessary to get you work.
    They will only come after you if you have something to offer, more likely if you are established or truly stand out fof the crowd, and the marketplace is crowded, so if I was you I'd get emailing and build some connections sooner rather than later. It might not lead to something now, but there's never a bad time to get on people's radar.
    Good luck with it.
  • Hey Joseph, I am not a phorographer but have worked with a great many during my time as art director for a fashion magazine. It seemed to me that working with an agent works particularily well for photographers (more so than for graphic designers like me). Pretty much all of whom I've worked with were represented by an agency.

    If you want to be pro-active about it, I't suggest finding agencies that work within your chosen industry, have inspiring clients and other photographers that you look up to. If you have developed and manigfested your personal style, and if that style is a good fit for the agency, then I would approach them. There is ho reason why they shouldnt work with you.

    Of course you can also wait "to be found", but I don't really see the benefit in that.
  • Someone once told me that when you're ready for an agent, they will find you. I always throuhg this was BS, but a couple years back, when I was swamped with work and needed support, it happen. All at once multiple agencies reached out to me at once. In the end, they weren't a good fit for me. I waited, and started to reach out to agencies that WERE a good fit.

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