Hey there … what would you say is the best day (Monday–Friday) to host an online event. Just collecting opinions. Thanks! ;)


  • Tuesday or Wednesday for sure!

    Monday is generally a hectic day for many people, I would never schedule unneccesssary events that day. Thursday and Friday equally are too close to the weekend - people generally focus on wrapping things up, or doing more leisurely evening activities.

  • Tuesday - Thursday are ideal but Monday can be ok, too, if it's an event after work hours. I think the perfect timing is 5 or 6 pm start. I ocassionally will attend a webinar during lunchbreak when I'm working from home, but I am not as attentive and just leave laptop somewhere in the background to consume content while I'm tidying around :)
  • For me, Mondays are often a quite busy start into the week. Everyone has new requests and a lot of status / standup meetings are happening. So it takes some time to get up to speed and I'm much more relaxed and able to make the time on a Tuesday or Wednesday. And in my case, the time of day is also quite important for online events atm because of dinner with the family. So 5–7 pm works quite well (e.g. CSS Café). After that, it is more likely that I can make if the event starts at about 8 pm. But this is different for everyone, I suppose, so there is no perfect time. ;)

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