Hey! Was looking for some advice on Camera Operating Arri Alexa & Amira cameras. And what a Camera Op is expected to do on set.

Arri Cameras


  • Usually you will operate the camera. The focus puller should handle the settings. You need to remember that you work for the cinematographer and if you want to be hired again you have to make a good impression on them. Some DPs like an operator to come up with shot ideas and some of them have a clear idea of the shots they want themselves so they will tell you what to do. It's probably best to ask them before the job how they expect to work with you. If you have shot suggestions tell them to the DP and let him/her decide if this is the right idea for this scene. Do not make suggestions directly to the director because if the director likes the shot and the DP doesn't the DP will not appreciate having shots in the film that they are not happy with.
    You basically have to put your ego aside. You are not there to show everyone how awesome your image composition is you are there to give the DP what s/he wants from an operator. Sometimes you will have incompatible personalities with the people you're working with . It will take some time to find the right balance so that you and the DP are both happy with the work you're doing.
  • Arri have an online camera simulator which is a great place to start: https://www.arri.com/en/learn-help/learn-help-camera-system/tools/camera-simulators

    It’ll teach you how to change all the key settings and stuff

    The obvious thing a camera operator does on set is operator the camera during takes, so getting the framing right and camera moves, etc.

    But you’ll also often be dialling in the camera settings that your DOP wants such as colour temp, iso, shutter angle

    Most lensing, monitors, building the camera and such stuff will be sorted by your ACs, but depending on their experience, you may need to coordinate/help them with that stuff too

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