Hi all. I'd love some feedback on this portfolio/website? https://www.owenpaulnicholls.com/

I recently got laid off (tech, eh! who knew?) and am actively seeking work.

I'd love some notes on:
General Layout

But I'd also love some feedback on whether or not putting my novels and screenwriting on here is a worthwhile move. I'm incredibly proud of them, but worry they make #recruiters think I'm not committed to my day job. (Which I always am. For me, the day job inspires the fun stuff and vice versa).

Any thoughts, greatly appreciated.


  • I think it looks good. If I were to tweak it, I would make the background 5-10% lighter, except for the education section (cause white text).
    As for the content, I would move the charity writing up as the third item, replacing the debut novel/book deal.
    Then in the next section, I would put a "Creative Writing" header and describe both the book deal and the screenwriting. You could add a line in the creative writing intro that you have been writing creatively alongside your journeyman writing and that in your experience the two strengthen each other.
    By the way, I am also a comms writer who writes scripts on the side. Only difference is that you clearly have been more successful with the scripts so far :)

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