Hi, Any ideas how I can adapt this portrait poster design into a landscape street banner? Thanks


  • @Hannah Dove Oh that's a good idea! I might play around with that, thanks!
  • You could make the gap between the 2 people on the left wider and use the green/ blue background too. Then just play around with the positioning of the information text. (this might make the poster look better in landscape, other than that the portrait verion looks great !! )
  • Hey Julia. Your artwork looks great :)
    I think if it was me I would let your artwork fill the whole height of the banner, as big as you can get it, and have it sit on one side. Take all the info that sits under the title and move that into the blank space that's left on the other side. Or, if your file is high res enough, you could cut the characters off at the hips so that theyre even bigger, and move the title to the side as well, maybe the title could match the nice teal colour you have? It's hard to know how it would look without knowing the dimensions but I think that would work.
  • Could play with this more in terms of layout, didn’t the raw file, to give it consistency to the illustration and your version explored breaking the layout to let the information breath.

    Allowed the illustration to be breaking out of the boxes to use the whitespace.


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